High School Coding Competition

The BDPA High School Coding Competition (HSCC) program is designed to give students the opportunity to be exposed to web development programming and project delivery. Students are trained at their local chapters and have the chance to compete at the National competition.

Why Get Involved

The field of data science is growing rapidly, attracting professionals from diverse backgrounds. Skilled data scientists are in high demand. The BDPA Data Science Academy program offers college students a chance to gain hands-on experience and explore various applications of data science. Participating in this program equips students to enter the field and seize career opportunities. Join now to be part of this dynamic field.


To participate, each chapter must sponsor a team of 3-5 students who are members of BDPA and meet the eligibility criteria of entering 9th-12th grade in August or September, or graduating from high school in the same year as the competition.

Competition Detials

At the annual conference, teams are given a real-world based scenario to design a web-based solution and then present it to a team of judges. Teams have up to 4 weeks to complete part 1of the problem, and then 8 hours during the conference to complete part 2 of the problem. This allows students to learn to work as a team, task management, role definitions, troubleshooting, and presentation skills. Judges score based on user web experience, presentation, and coding ability.

Teams also take a quiz based on basic common computer knowledge in areas such as hardware, software, number systems, graphical user interface, internet terminology, web design (HTML/ CSS), and BDPA general knowledge.

Join BDPA!

Join BDPA, be part of a national movement, and make a difference for African American IT professionals. Together, we strive to create diverse work environments and supportive communities. When asked about the presence of Blacks in Information Technology, Technology Thought Leaders, STEM, or as future Digital Leaders, proudly answer that they are all in BDPA!

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