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What Is BDPA?

BDPA is an international organization with a diverse membership of professionals and students at all levels in the fields of information technology, computer science and related S.T.E.M fields. Members are actively engaged in serving the community through outreach and charting the future of the IT industry.

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BDPA History

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BDPA Overview

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BDPA Motto: “Advancing Careers From The Classroom To The Boardroom.”

  • BDPA co-founder Earl Pace is inducted into the CompTIA IT Hall of Fame.
  • BDPA celebrated its 45th year anniversary in 2020.
  • BDPA is the largest professional technology organization for Blacks/ African Americans and other minorities in the United States.
  • BDPA has grown to 30 chapters across the United States, which provides a safe environment for minorities in IT to network with other IT professionals, gain exclusive boardroom leadership experience at the local chapter & national levels, and strengthen the skills necessary to advancing in their respective IT careers.
  • BDPA has become a critical pipeline of diverse talent for employers across all industries requiring qualified Information Technology professionals in the United States.
  • BDPA trains 800 to 1200 high school students across the nation every year in computer programming and web development; BDPA has trained more students to write code than any other non-profit organization in the United States since 1986.
  • BDPA has an awesome scholarship program which is generously supported through sponsorships and offers over $50,000 annually in cash awards to high school and college students.
  • BDPA amasses the most significant accumulation of minority IT professionals in the United States at its annual National Technology Conference.

Our History

For more than 40 years, BDPA has enabled the upward mobility of African Americans and other minorities in the Information Technology (IT) and STEM fields. Through its 30+ local community chapters in major cities across the United States, BDPA has been at the forefront of promoting the minority agenda within the IT profession since 1975. BDPA has been a leader and pioneer in technology and STEM training for IT professionals and High School students since 1986. 

Our National High School Computer Competition (HSCC) program which is a hands-on training program, has introduced tens of thousands of high school students to coding and application development while also presenting opportunities for students to obtain college scholarships due to the generosity of our sponsors and partners. Because of BDPA’s focus on students and professional members alike, we continue to support and lead the upward success of our members “from the classroom to the boardroom”.

BDPA Co-Founder, Earl Pace

Our Mission

To build a pipeline of diverse professionals and aspiring students in the STEM and digital technology fields through innovative technical development programs.


Our Vision

To be the leading and most recognized organization in enabling digital leadership preparedness for aspiring diverse professionals throughout the United States.

Our Beliefs

Our purpose is to serve and elevate students and young professionals of today for leadership tomorrow. That a  talented and diverse group of people is the most creative and innovative workforce.

What Does BDPA Offer?

Since 1975, BDPA has been a champion for the next generation of IT leadership. As an organization of highly respected Information and Technology professionals BDPA offers a unique opportunity to connect with others to share knowledge amongst a community of peers through:

Youth STEM Programs

Throughout the year, local  chapters conduct SITES training programs for the youth.

High School Programs

The BDPA National High  School Computer Competition, (HSCC), was founded  in 1986 by Dr. Jesse Bemley.

College Programs

The purpose of the BDPA Fellow Program is to Develop and Enrich talented college members around the country.

Adult Programs

BDPA provide virtual and physical experiences aimed at advancing the careers of our adult members.

Leadership Development Programs

Through partners we endeavor to accelerate the development and growth of leaders to reach their full potential.

National Board Of Directors 2024-2025:

Position Name
President Perry Carter
 Vice President Eric Ejiofor
 Vice President of Finance Loraine Stewart-David
 Midwest Regional Vice President Raven Stevenson
 South Regional Vice President Stephanie Gloster
 South Regional Director Eairrick Kensey
 Northeast Regional Vice President Jeanette Wiggins

National Executive Committee 2024-2025:

Position Name
President Perry Carter
Vice President Eric Ejiofor
Vice President of Finance Loraine Stewart-David
Vice President of Membership Management Judaea “Judy” Lane






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