Data Science Academy

The BDPA Data Science Academy is a 12-week workshop program that aims at exposing college students to open source tools in data science. The workshops will have four main focus areas: Excel, SQL, R, and Python. At the end of the program, participants get a chance to use their skills to compete in the Datathon at the BDPA National Conference. 

Why Get Involved

The field of data science is growing rapidly, attracting professionals from diverse backgrounds. Skilled data scientists are in high demand. The BDPA Data Science Academy program offers college students a chance to gain hands-on experience and explore various applications of data science. Participating in this program equips students to enter the field and seize career opportunities. Join now to be part of this dynamic field.

Our Project Object

We aim to provide a comprehensive data science experience for 50 Black/African American college students, which includes technical workshops, professional development seminars, networking events, and the opportunity to participate in the Datathon competition at the Annual BDPA Conference.

The Needs of our Program

We are seeking presenters for technical workshops and professional development seminars, partners to facilitate networking events, sponsorships and donations, as well as cloud computing resources for workshops and the annual competition.

How It Works

The workshop series covers Excel (functions, visualization, Power Query), SQL (join types, indexing, aggregation), Python (data structures, manipulation, basic modeling), and R (data structures, manipulation, modeling, data viz). Program ends on August 7th with industry insights.

Join BDPA!

Be part of a national movement and make a difference in the lives of African American information technology professionals as we work together to create the changes needed for diverse work environments and supportive communities.

So the next time someone asks, Where are the Blacks in Information Technology? Where are the Blacks In Technology? Where are Information Technology Thought Leaders? Where are the Blacks In STEM? Where are the Black Digital Leaders of the future? Tell them they are all in BDPA!

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