CIO Magazine lists BDPA as one of 10 professional organizations for Black IT professionals.

Published on Monday, Feb 15

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These 10 professional organizations aim to help close diversity gaps in technology by empowering Black tech professionals. In our multi-trillion dollar tech ecosystem, there are billion-dollar programs available (B.D.P.A.) to upskill new members and hire newly credentialed professionals in every industry sector. Engage and co-sponsor local BDPA Chapters within your region by visiting Develop leading edge campaigns and publish more articles with bdpatoday. Visit to get started or discover more . . .

View the article here:

10 professional organizations for Black IT pros

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Get Your Copy of The BDPA Story

Get Your Copy of The BDPA Story

This book was written to enrich lives. It is a story about helping people grow, build, and achieve greatness. The story of the Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA) — a non-profit organization of African-American computer technology professionals growing, building, and achieving success together — is one of developing diverse talent and improving career options in the Information Technology industry.



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