For several years, the BDPA Milwaukee has engaged career-minded, IT professionals in networking and educational opportunities.  Members are leaders and innovators in the IT industry in Southeastern Wisconsin who are eager to meet other talent in the area, share industry best practices, and meet new friends.


    Be part of a national movement and make a difference in the lives of African American IT professionals as we work together to create the changes needed for diverse work environments and supportive communities.

    Education & Career Enhancement

    Participate in BDPA programs and certification courses that are specifically designed to provide professional and career development opportunities. Gain access to special resources like the BDPA Career Center to advance your career or to the BDPA IT Institute to upgrade your skills or to earn certifications. 





    Professional Development 

    Together we learn and grow! At the BDPA Milwaukee, each member is encouraged to “take the platform” and share their expertise with the other members and the African American technology community at large.  

    Networking & Socials

    Turn it up!  Come out to the BDPA Milwaukee’s quarterly Meet-and-Greets.  Join in a casual exchange with other professional minded IT individuals in Southeastern Wisconsin.  Our Members come from diverse industries and have a collection of mind blowing talent.

    Leadership Development

    Develop career advancing leadership skills from people who care about your future. Maximize the career-boosting value of your BDPA membership by participating in volunteer opportunities that match your professional goals and strengthen your existing skills. 


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    Building the Next Generation of Tech Experts!


    Youth Education: Involvement in the Professional Development, High School Computer Competition, and Mentoring programs allows you to aid in the personal and professional development of African Americans while raising awareness of issues affecting technology professionals. 


    Each year, starting in January/February, the BDPA trains local high school students on the fundamentals of coding and life skills. In addition, the BDPA provides professional growth opportunities for college students and adult professionals through the local chapter’s professional development and social networking.  All participants are then invited to our national conference and the bi-weekly Career and Tech Talks hosted by the National BDPA.




    The BDPA Milwaukee invites local students to join the National High School Computer Competition (HSCC) Program and “learn coding!”   In the HSCC Program, students are introduced to the exciting field of computers:    Learn a variety of computer skills. Discover the wide range of information technology careers. Prepare for the annual High School Computer Competition.  All BDPA Milwaukee members are encouraged to volunteer! 



    In 2013, President Carmen Giles, of Millercoors, helped to revitalize the BDPA Milwaukee organization into what it is today.  Carmen believed that technology should be accessible to a broad number of people in the community.  As president, Carmen brought technology training into communities that were not receiving equal exposure to the world of computers.


    Under her leadership, the BDPA Milwaukee was transformed into an effective and sustainable organization. 


    Following Carmen’s charge, the BDPA Milwaukee continues grow the chapter by actively engaging business sponsors and community leaders who are interested in bringing equity to the technology sector. 


    Carmen Giles passed away on November 29, 2016 but her legacy continues in each day an African American technology professional, student or community member finds fulfillment in the digital world of southeastern Wisconsin.     



    Carmen’s Favorite Quote: “Nothing great is every accomplished alone.” ~ Nina Crawford (1906-1975)



    The 2019-20 Leadership of BDPA Milwaukee: 

    Rosemary Smith


    Vice President of Finance
    Melodi Warren-Andersen 
    Vice President of Membership
    Albert Thomas
    Kathy Ellis-Crowder 
    Fred Reed 
    N. Lynnette McNeely
    Allen Baylor