Central Illinois

The Black Data Processing Associates Central Illinois Chapter (BDPA-CIL) provides professional development programs and services, positioning members at the forefront of the information technology (IT) industry through vital business relationships. Our goal is to increase our membership in years to come by realizing our goals for our mission, vision, and values. While no one is excluded from membership, BDPA organizations attempt to market to minority groups, providing them with opportunities that may be currently unavailable them and/or increasing awareness of careers in IT.

The BDPA-CIL Chapter was chartered August 12th, 2003 in Philadelphia, PA. The founding members were Lorenzo Marshall, Dave Beasley, and Theonnie Shields. The chapter began as a non-profit organization with fifteen members and still exists as a non-profit organization today.

Chapter activities include (but are not limited to):

  • Hosting a High School Computer Camp (HSCC) and an IT Showcase for Central IL residents
  • High school/college student participation in national BDPA competitions
  • Public educational program meetings covering topics ranging from new trends in the IT industry to career personal development
  • Community outreach programs and distribution of computers to needy organizations

Please contact centralillinois@bdpa.org for more information regarding our chapter. Visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BDPACIL.